• Please listen carefully to the onboard safety announcements.
  • All our vessels are equipped to Maritime Coastguard Agency requirements with a variety of equipment including life rings, life floats, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Some of our boats are also fitted with self-inflating life rafts.
  • We ask that children are supervised at all times, and in general remain seated.
  • All our staff are thoroughly trained in first aid, man overboard and other emergency procedures.
  • If crew believe that a particular individual is putting the safety of other passengers or the safety of the boat at risk we reserve the right to ask them to leave.
  • Since the Marchioness disaster in 1989 we've been legally required to record our passenger numbers on departure from each landing stage. Skippers use their VHF radios to do this and all VHF communication is recorded at our base and then held for two weeks.
  • If you're a school or university and need a risk assessment, please ask our office staff.