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The Bristol we know takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon 'Brigstowe' (place of the bridge) - book a Harbour Tour and see this first crossing place of the harbour, marvel at Brunel's S.S. Great Britain, listen to stories of its rich and chequered past and hear facts about famous Bristolians.

Look around at the fantastic architecture, be stupefied by feats of engineering and the countless hours of hard labour that went into creating this city.

The modern Bristol is a vibrant and colourful place full of houseboats and barges, yachts and Cornish gigs, Bristol channel pilot cutters and sailing ships like the replica of The Matthew - John Cabot's caravel of discovery.

It's not uncommon to see kingfishers & peregrine falcons and urban legend has it that a crocodile lurks in the harbour (we'll let you decide what to believe...)

One hour harbour tour pricing 


With commentary from the skipper

Up to 30 people:         £130

30-50 people:              £150

Harbour Tour Extra with commentary and additional classroom resources   

Flat rate:                      £170


Educational resources:

Download and print these files to bring on your trip or use them in the study room


To book, please call the office on 0117 9273416 or email info@bristolferry.com